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Reasons for the price gap between different conveyor belt

Number of visits: 453 Date: 2020-09-01 17:01

In the market situation where the price of the conveyor belt is so transparent, the prices of various factories still have some gaps. As far as our Longyuan conveyor belts are concerned, there are gaps in the price of the same specifications and different quality grades. I give each customer a reasonable price. Explain that the interpretation of the perpetual truth is the price of one point. This "goods" is manifested in many aspects, product quality, service, and quality assurance. Now customers sell goods is to buy the rest assured, comfortable, after-sales peace of mind. Then choose our Longyuan conveyor belt, hotline 13561026402.

Longyuan insists on being a cost-effective conveyor belt in the industry. It is a conveyor belt manufacturing expert in the conveyor belt industry. Longyuan conveyor belt and all new and old customers solemnly promise that there is no cut-throat behavior in our conveyor belt, and the warranty is 1 year. In the gravitation of the environmental protection situation, the economic downturn, the raw material prices have risen sharply, which has led to the price increase of our company's conveyor belts, which has caused the same changes to customers and friends. Our Longyuan conveyor belt promises to our customers that buying a conveyor belt at Longyuan will definitely allow customers to buy a conveyor belt with good value for money.