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Multi-ply fabric conveyor belt

The design of multi-ply fabric conveyor belt enables application in all areas of materials handling. It consists of rubber cover, carcass and core rubber.

Longyuan Rubber

Rubber cover is developed from blends of natural and synthetic rubber, which is designed to protect the carcass from abrasion, impact, deterioration, water and other injurious influences. It can be compounded to meet particular service conditions such as abrasion resistant, oil resistant, heat resistant, fire resistant, acid & alkali resistant and anti-static, etc.
Carcass consists of one or multiple plies of dipped synthetic reinforced fabric based on EP (warp-Polyester + weft-Polyamide), NN (Nylon/Nylon) or CC (Cotton/Cotton). It maintains belt tension and supplies structural strength, which undertakes almost all the load during in work.
Core rubber has good fabric adhesion properties, which makes the fabrics bond tight. That can increase flex life and create a more elastic link, so that fabrics flex without separation when belt under working.
Ripstop Belt
With steel layer embedded between the cover and the carcass is designed to withstand the impact with sharp and extreme load materials. The special characteristics ensure the belt’s resistance to tearing.

High impact resistance
Low elongation
Very good abrasion resistance
High tear resistance
Excellent troughability and flexibility

Longyuan RubberLongyuan Rubber

Cement, concrete plants     
Sand, gravel, stone industry  
Heating and power stations  
Garbage incineration plants  
Road construction machinery 
Recycling, compost industry  
Mineral processing plants    
Timber industry and sawmills 


Longyuan Rubber

Ply Thickness = A
No.s of Ply=B
Carcass thickness=A*B-0.4


Longyuan Rubber

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