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Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

 In general, conveyor belt is easily damaged by the hot materials, and developing cracks or abrasion through stiffening or softening of the rubber cover and separation between plies or between rubber and ply. To prevent possible damages, we have developed heat resistant conveyor belt.
The belt is highly resistant to hot materials such as cement, steel or sand and can convey materials with high temperature from 60 to 200℃ with peak temperature up to 250℃.
Excellent heat resistant and abrasion resistant rubber cover compound.
Protect conveyor belt surface from cracking and hardening that caused by heat.
Special heat-treatment which minimize the carcass shrinkage caused by heat aging.
Cement plants
Steel and iron industry
Fertilizer factory
Heating stations, power stations
Belt Selection for Your Reference  

Type Temperature of belt surface Average temperature of transported material Application                                       
HR120 120 120-140 Coke, sinter, and low-temperature heat resistant
HR150 150 140-160 Steel, casting and sinter
HR175 175 170-180 Cement clinker, residues and dry powder
HR200 200 190-210 Materials’ temperature exceed 200℃
HOR 120 120-140 Asphalt and other oily material