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Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt

K Type: Used on ground, for transportation of inflammable and explosive materials such as coal dusts, etc.
Flame resistant, abrasion resistant
Longer using life and high tensile strength
Capability of delivering superior performance under extreme temperatures
To guard against risks of explosion due to the accumulation of static electricity
They are widely used in power plant,heating stations, cement plant, foundry, coal, mining, steel mills, tunnel construction, garbage incineration plants, etc.

Test Item Test Method Unit Standard Value
Duration of after-burn for 6 experiments ISO340 S Max.45
Individual Duration ISO340 S Max.15
On subsequent blowing no flames appear ISO340  - Yes
Electrical Resistant ISO284 Ω 3x108

Flame Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt for underground coal mining
Tensile holder of the belt with high strength, low elongation zinc galvanized steel cord and high quality flame resistant and anti-static rubber cover materials can be used to convey materials for underground coal mining environment with flame and static by molding, vulcanizing under constant tension. Our products meet the standard of MT668-2008 and we have obtained the relevant certificates.
They are widely used in underground coal mining with the advantages of flame resistant and anti-static, high tensile strength, longer using life, low elongation, good troughability and good flexibility. Belts are suitable for long distance, heavy load, large span and high speed transportation of materials.